Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Beautiful Lampwork

There are tons of beads around, pretty and colorful -- but most of them are industrially manufactured and resold everywhere. Imagine my satisfaction when I found marylockwood's shop at etsy!! She is a lampwork master; her designs are so delicate and beautiful, I keep staring and staring them...
Such quality handmade work will not go unnoticed, I am sure. Just include these beads in your bracelets, necklaces, whatever, and all eyes will be fixed on you. Colors and designs that no-one else will ever have!

Oh, check her mushroom too in my favorites at the ride sidebar...


katsai said...

haha, i had no idea what "lampwork" was at all until i came across the term on Etsy ;P
These are amazing examples... they really do look so delicate and intricate!! Beautiful :)

Eveline said...

You do feature some wonderful Etsy sellers!

Oh, and.. umm.. TAG! You're it!
According to the person who tagged me you are to list 7 little known or interesting things about yourself in your blog. Then you are to tag 7 other people.

Don't you just love me? ;)