Monday, June 25, 2007

I've been tagged!

I could not escape! I've been tagged by kreativeling, michymoo and knittingajour, all at the same time!! Should i write 3x5=15 facts about me now??? :))

So, here it goes: these are some facts off the top of my head.
1. I just *love* Breakfast At Tiffany's
2. I have trouble waking up in the morning!
3. My voice is weird...
4. I adore my husband!!
5. Nature is my endless source of inspiration. Flowers, blossoms and trees!

And a bonus fact!!: I have more than once burnt the food I was cooking because I was reading etsy forums!!

I hope these are enough! Phew, it is hard to talk about yourself...
My turn now, to tag some people. The links are to their etsy shops. All of them are members of the Etsy European Street Team (EST), which is full with interesting and great artists, this forum post is the current list of members.
1. kissthefrog, from Greece
2. wapita, from Spain
3. feltland, from Spain
4. Coccole di Lana (Silvia66), from Italy
5. babastudioprague, from Czech.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

European Street Team

Some days ago many artists from all over europe decided to start an Etsy Street Team: the idea is to bring all european handmade artists together and to get more exposure. Also, experiences will be shared with the rest of the team and people will never feel alone again!! :)

This is one of the first treasuries published, containing only european artists. karlita had a tough job to do: selecting 16 items from so many beautiful candidates.

I am a proud member of the EST, too! Funny thing is that I had already featured some of the member of the EST in this blog, without checking their locations, and also had them as favorites (saratexture and Pirilampo Riscado for example). Imagine my surprise when I saw that now I am in the same team with my favorite artists!! I like to be part of this, and will try to keep it going well...

NOTE: Check the sidebar to the right for links to our flickr/yahoo page and the EST blog. Also there is a list of sellers that I will keep updating and the Master List (!) straight from the Etsy Forums! Happy Browsing to you!

Friday, June 8, 2007

A Merino as Necklace

I found Pirilampo Riscado's work at flickr, in a beautiful photostream. I was happy to see that she also maintains an etsy shop. I was impressed by her original work: I love things made from wool, textiles and natural materials. Not only she uses these materials, but her designs are so unique, having her own personal style.

Wool is warm by nature, but she works it so fine that it is transformed to a delicate necklace, like a light flower around your neck. She makes an otherwise retro material turn into something modern and unique! Her pins are a fine touch for any use: on your bags, jackets, etc.

And one more thing: she is from PORTUGAL!! I love this country!!

Monday, June 4, 2007

A Summer Salty Breeze

WHY? Because summer has arrived, you are preparing for your well-deserved vacations, and you are wondering "What clothes should I bring with me?" Well, you deserve a pendant like this, to combine it with your light summer dress! You will carry a bit of the sea with your every step!

seaurchin uses clay to make all those wonderful items. Every mold is also made by her, so each item is unique! I can't find the proper words to describe her style, it is so personal and experimental that you have to see it for yourself. Her main inspiration is the sea and underwater nature.

I have also featured her in my latest treasury. Be quick though: it expires in 5 Jun: Mediterranean Sea Tresury

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Bead on the Wire!

So, you hear "beads" and "wire" and you think of cluttered accessories, and extreme beadwork. Well, lanita uses beads and wire with a unique delicate style, never becoming overloaded. Her jewelry seems like vintage pieces, carrying an air of classic glory. Her photos are very beautiful, each listing appearing as a part of nature -- I just love her backgrounds!

There are bracelets, pendants, earrings - most of them inspired from nature themes: butterflies and flower blossoms. Check her style out -- it's her birthday soon!!

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