Friday, June 8, 2007

A Merino as Necklace

I found Pirilampo Riscado's work at flickr, in a beautiful photostream. I was happy to see that she also maintains an etsy shop. I was impressed by her original work: I love things made from wool, textiles and natural materials. Not only she uses these materials, but her designs are so unique, having her own personal style.

Wool is warm by nature, but she works it so fine that it is transformed to a delicate necklace, like a light flower around your neck. She makes an otherwise retro material turn into something modern and unique! Her pins are a fine touch for any use: on your bags, jackets, etc.

And one more thing: she is from PORTUGAL!! I love this country!!


VĂ¢nia Barbosa said...

What a surprise! :))
This was the Best review ever!!!

Thank you so much Zozo! ***

Michy Moo said...

hi zozo, you´ve been tagged. Visit my blog and read 5 facts about me. Then write 5 facts on your blog and tag 5 europian etsians.