Monday, June 25, 2007

I've been tagged!

I could not escape! I've been tagged by kreativeling, michymoo and knittingajour, all at the same time!! Should i write 3x5=15 facts about me now??? :))

So, here it goes: these are some facts off the top of my head.
1. I just *love* Breakfast At Tiffany's
2. I have trouble waking up in the morning!
3. My voice is weird...
4. I adore my husband!!
5. Nature is my endless source of inspiration. Flowers, blossoms and trees!

And a bonus fact!!: I have more than once burnt the food I was cooking because I was reading etsy forums!!

I hope these are enough! Phew, it is hard to talk about yourself...
My turn now, to tag some people. The links are to their etsy shops. All of them are members of the Etsy European Street Team (EST), which is full with interesting and great artists, this forum post is the current list of members.
1. kissthefrog, from Greece
2. wapita, from Spain
3. feltland, from Spain
4. Coccole di Lana (Silvia66), from Italy
5. babastudioprague, from Czech.


info said...

Facts, any facts?

Well then...

1. I used to be a University teacher - Senior Lecturer in a London uni. Loved it, but wanted to do my own studio work.
2. I once slept through an earthquake when I was in Georgia (as in former Soviet Georgia). Oh the joys of jetlag!
3. The first full-time job I was ever offered was as a fashion designer at a shop off Carnaby Street in London. I had to turn it down as the shop owner did not realise I was only fifteen and had to go back to school after the summer holidays!
4. I believe that tarot in the USA and UK has been "psychologised" too much. I actually do believe in divination and fortune-telling, not just in using the cards for "therapy".
5. I always knew, somehow, that I would marry a Russian designer who was thin, fun, younger than me and into yoga. How did I know? Now THAT I can't tell you!

Renate said...

I wouldn't have a problem reading 15 facts from you :)

info said...

Oh, why did I come up as "info" - it's me, babastudioPrague!

I tag, ho hum, hmmm,

Agean Sea -

Pamela Angus -

Yasmin bochi -

katsai said...

i guessed it was you, Baba, from your facts ;P haha, you've had a very interesting and active life so far I see!! I love "getting to know you" all just a little bit more :)

and Zozo!! They got you too!!

I toooo have a hard time waking up in the mornings ;P Getting up is not a problem (i usually get out of bed around 7 or 8am)... but the actually WAKING up bit doesn't usually happen until lunchtime :)

I was tagged too... you can see my info on my blog if you're curious :)